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ZimZam Global partners with churches, organizations and denominations to equip their leaders for high-impact child evangelism and discipleship.  We provide them with the vision, principles and tools for church multiplication by helping them engage and empower children first – a methodology we refer to as Church Planting Remixed. 

Using a highly collaborative and adaptable approach, this innovative idea was first created after meeting with church and children’s ministry leaders in Zimbabwe and Zambia; thus, ZimZam Global was born.  

Church Planting Training - Kenya

In a large field of international ministries, ZimZam Global has my highest regard!  I respect their years of church planting training experience, their high level of global ministry focus, and their fruitful efforts that result in child discipleship becoming lifelong discipleship. 

Valerie Bell

CEO - Awana 

Could Children be an Effective Catalyst for Birthing New Churches?

When children participate in a discipleship ministry, their lives are forever transformed. Volunteers grow as leaders, families become stronger and churches build communities through active involvement together.

Traditional global church planting efforts have always focused on adults who have spent lifetimes steeped in cultural and religious beliefs that are resistant to the Gospel. But what if we reached children first? Could a child potentially reach his/her family for God? Could we develop such a strong foundation in this child that not only will he/she not turn away from God, but be used by God for the growth of the Kingdom?

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Research has proven that children are the most open to the Gospel. Since 50% of the world’s population is under the age of 25, it makes sense to concentrate church planting efforts on children and youth.

Carolyn Meyers Teaching in Tanzania
Tanzania Training
Why Children Are Key
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