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Kid-Focused Disciple-Making Movements

In specific regions around the world, church planting, through kid-focused disciple-making movements, is transforming lives with God’s hope. These movements create environments, or Hope Zones, where kids experience Jesus through children’s discipleship, feeding programs, and playgrounds. Hope Zones serve as places where leaders minister to kids both physically and spiritually, discipling them to build a relationship with Jesus. Through this model, new leaders are raised up to expand the Gospel movement with a hope to see “A Church For Every Child.”

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Through God’s leading, ZimZam Global and Kids Around the World are launching Generation Hope movements alongside the local church in key regions around the world, typically areas with a high population of impoverished, vulnerable,  or orphaned children. Within these movements, communities that are under-reached with the Gospel are identified and Hope Zones are established.

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We connect people & groups in the US to Hope Zones around the world to transform the lives of kids spiritually and physically, build lasting relationships, and create momentum in the disciple-making movement.


Feeding programs in the Hope Zones allow you to meet the critical, physical needs of vulnerable children through OneMeal nutrition.


Strengthen Hope Zones by providing playgrounds where kids and families gather and connect the local church with the community


Working through the local church, you can help establish multiple StoryClubs, where disciple making takes place through the telling of God’s Word and the working of His Spirit.


Conducting weekly discipleship programs for children, youth, and families through locally trained leaders will grow and start new churches.

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