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Because of the global pandemic, people are struggling for food and livelihood everywhere. Thank you for your gifts that have helped us arrange food and safety supply relief for the people in desperate need in NE India. 

One of our global colleagues shared with us about the relief efforts:

The village people have expressed their joy and happiness to our global team and sponsors for their great help in these difficult times. Please keep praying for our many friends and ministry colleagues that they make it through these turbulent times, monsoon season, and Covid lockdowns. We thank God for His provisions through you! 

"We were able to give people the best quality and quantity of food. Neither the government nor any NGO gives better food that is higher in quality and nutrients. The special needs, differently-abled, families of Covid victims, sick, blind, and poor people received food and safety supplies. On the day of relief distribution, the villages and the entire area were flooded due to monsoon rain. Many have lost their lives due to Covid, Monsoon flooding, and other diseases. We had to wait until the weather was better so we could distribute the supplies as planned. The rain subsided and we were able to get into the villages and the people were so thankful with tears in their eyes and cheers on their lips! It was amazing."

Richard C. - NE India Leader

Through our partnerships with the local people and church leaders, our team was able to coordinate our relief efforts throughout the week. Many who could not make it on the distribution day were able to receive supplies from others. Our global team plans to make another visit to other remote villages in Sept. for further relief efforts. The team does their best to also share the gospel, do follow up with the relief efforts, and trust God for future church planting training, and new church plants in the months ahead. Thank you!

Your prayers and financial assistance are having this type of impact on communities! We need your continued support.

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$50 feeds a family for two weeks

Rice, beans, maize/corn; cooking oil; safety supplies like disinfectant soap and masks

$100 feeds a family for a month

$600 feeds 12 families for two weeks

$1200 feeds 12 families for a month

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.

JAMES 1:27

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! 

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